Webhooks allows you to subscribe to simulation results in a project, and the Webhook menu allows you to manage webhook endpoints on a per-project basis. You can also manage your webhooks through the securiCAD Enterprise SDK.

To consume the simulation results from the webhooks you need a web server that listens to HTTP POST requests or to use a service like API Gateway in AWS or API Management in Azure.


To setup one or more webhooks in a Project, go to Project overview > Webhooks. Click on Add webhook and enter the full URL to which you want to POST your simulation results and select either json or gzip as payload format. Hit Submit and you are all done!


Multiple webhooks

If you list multiple webhooks in a single Project the result will be posted to all of them.


If a project with a webhook configured has a simulation finish, a HTTP POST request is made to the specified URL with a blob containing the simulation results and simulation metadata in the selected payload format.

Simulation results

You can read more about the simulation result format in GitHub securiCAD Enterprise SDK.