Introduction of Vanguard

securiCAD Vanguard in a Nutshell

securiCAD Vanguard is a cloud-native SaaS for automated threat modeling and attack simulation of AWS environments. It enables Developers, DevOps teams, and Cloud Architects and Operators to get automated, actionable insights into the cyber security posture of their AWS environments.

It is fully automated end-to-end:

  • Generating a digital twin model of your environment
  • Simulating thousands of attacks towards the digital twin model
  • Generating an interactive report with key insights on your environment, risk levels, if and how attackers can reach your high value assets, and what actions you can take to mitigate risks and weak links before attackers exploit them.

securiCAD Vanguard can be accessed and run via the GUI or programmatically integrated in your CI/CD pipelines.

Overview of the Vanguard docs

The docs for securiCAD Vanguard consists for the following parts:

Get Started: A step by step tutorial to get started with securiCAD Vanguard.

Get Insights: A step by step walkthrough of the simulation report - the insights provided.

Integrate in CI/CD Pipelines: A GitHub tutorial with code for integrating securiCAD in your CI/CD Pipelines.

Threat Library: The types of threats and attacks that are simulated during the analysis, and AWS services supported.

Videos: Videos with securiCAD Vanguard; instructions, demos, webinars etc.

FAQ: Answers to frequently asked questions and topics of interest.

What’s Next