Using tunings in simulations

Created tunings can be used multiple times in different combination to explore the effects of applied model settings. Tunings are divided into Available tunings and Selected tunings.

Available Tunings

Available tunings lists all Tunings created in the current project. Tunings can be removed by pressing the X in the top right corner.
Note: Tunings that are in use by previous simulations cannot be removed. Please remove the simulations before removing the tuning.
Clicking on tunings will select them and move them to the Selected tunings column.

Selected Tunings

Selected tunings lists all Tunings that will be applied to the model in next simulation.

Load Previous Simulations

Load previous tunings lists all previous simulations and selecting a previous simulation will load the tunings from that.


When a set of tunings has been created and selected, a new simulation can be started by optionally giving the simulation a name and then clicking the Simulate button.
This will start a new simulation and report in the Scenario that can be further analyzed and tuned as needed.