Using tunings in simulations

Created tunings can be used multiple times in different combinations and on different models to explore the effects of applied model settings. Tunings are divided into three steps .

Step 1: Select model

First you must select a model you want to apply tunings to. You can either select models from your projects models list, or you can select a previous simulation by clicking on the scenarios tab.
Click on the model you want to use to go to step 2.


Step 2: Tunings

Click on Add tuning to create a new tuning. Learn how to create tunings here .
Available tunings shows a list of all tunings available to you in your project. Click on a row in the list to select a tuning, the checkbox to the left shows if a tuning is selected or not. Any amount of tunings can be applied to a model.
To delete a tuning, click the X in rightmost column.
When you have selected your desired tunings, click Next to get to the final step.


Step 3: Select scenario/Simulate

When a set of tunings has been created and selected, the modified model can either be added to the project's list of models, or the model can be simulated.

Enter a name and click on Add to project to add the modified model to the projects list of models.


To simulate, select a scenario in the dropdown, write a simulation name and click simulate. The simulation will be added to the selected scenario.


To start a new scenario based on the modified model, click on Start scenario.