Using Components

As previously seen, securiCAD comes with a collection of already prepared standard components. They are found below the list of singular/native objects.

Dragging each one of the components onto the canvas will only show one object each, the component’s main object. But since these objects already have additional objects connected to them, you can right-click on the object and use “Show All Connected Objects” to see what extra objects the component brought with it.

Repeating this with the IIS web service, RDP and the Windows Server login objects will show all objects connected to the Windows web server component.

Using components instead of basic objects is often more convenient when modeling. It is even recommended to create new components while building a model of architecture since hosts, networks, services and so on tend to be present in several parts of an architecture. Also, if you need to model an object that is similar but not exactly of the same type and set-up as an existing component, you can use a component as a template and make the necessary adjustments to it.

What’s Next