Creating a model

Inside the Project Overview, you can upload or create new Models by either going to Add model in the top right corner or select Modeler in the menu to the left to start building a model manually from scratch.

Generating a model from environment data (AWS, Azure, On-premise)

Go to Add model > Generate model and you will be presented with a form with a set of options.

  1. Select Parser. Select the parser to be used for the model generation. For example, select AWS Parser for AWS data.

  2. Pick a model name. The name of the model which will be generated in you project.

  3. Upload files. Upload all files that you want to include in the model generation.

  4. File list. All uploaded files will be presented in a list where you can choose which Parser that should handle which data source. For AWS data, select aws-cli-parser for the AWS data and aws-vul-parser for vulnerability data

Click on Add model to generate your new model

Vulnerability data

securiCAD Enterprise supports vulnerability data from third parties in combination with the AWS data. Typical examples are vulnerability scanners, static code analysis and dependency managers. Vulnerability data can be used to simulate the impact of known vulnerabilities in your AWS environment.

securiCAD Enterprise supports any type of vulnerability data by using a normalized json format. You can read about the format on our GitHub page.

Importing a model from another project

  1. In the Project Overview, go to Add model > Import model and select models from other Projects that you have access to.
  2. Select Add model to add the model to your Project

Uploading an existing model

There are example models available for download at the securiCAD Community.

  1. In the Project Overview, go to Add model > Upload model to open the add model dialog

  2. Click in the file field to open your file explorer or drag and drop one directly to the field. Select Add model to add the model to your Project

  3. Once the model is uploaded and validated (the green checkmark on the right) it can be used in your first simulation

Building a model from scratch

To start building a model from scratch, go to Creating your first model

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