Threat summary

The Threat Summary is a summary of threats and actions performed by the attacker to reach the high value assets during the simulation.

Threat Description

General description of the threat or action performed.

Mitigation Information

Information about potential mitigations that can be applied to reduce or prevent the threat. Some threats will not have applicable mitigations as they are natural consequences of other threats or legitimate actions.

Threat Trace

Shows the trace information to the current threat. Trace data comes in two forms: cause and effect.
For example, a permission, policy or firewall rule might be the cause of an threat and the ability to perform an action could be an effect of the threat.

Applicable Security Controls

A list security controls you can apply in order to prevent the threat. This is not applicable to all threats.

Affected High Value Assets

Shows which high value assets that are affected by this particular threats. Click on the high value assets to show the Critical Paths to those specific high value assets.