Singular Object Components

To start with, we shall create a few single-object components. The point of creating components with only one object is to set defenses of the objects and when re-using them as components, we know that the defenses are already adjusted. Such a situation is when working with SoftwareProducts. Start by dropping a SoftwareProduct object onto the canvas, rename it to RHEL 7.2 for RedHat Enterprise Linux.

We also see that the defense settings are all default, as expected for a freshly added native object.

Now, to make this SoftwareProduct reflect the situation of RedHat Enterprise Linux, adjust the defenses accordingly;

The non-default defences here is that “SecretSource” is set to “Off” since RedHat is based on open source code. Even if the rest of the defences are following the current default settings, it is a good idea to set them to what we actually want in case we might later change the default settings.

Now it is time to save this SoftwareProduct as a component. While the object we want to make a component of is selected, go for File – Export – Export Component.

We will be prompted for which object (in case there are several selected) to export. Actually we are choosing which object shall be used as the top-object of our component in the list of custom components in securiCAD.

Select the RHEL object and click OK to proceed.

In this particular case, we have first located the communityComponents directory we previously created and pointed out. Then we have entered the general sub-directory and also created a sub-directory in that folder and called it softwareTypes. This is where we have sorted our newly created rhel72 component.The custom components may this way be organized by category in the custom components list.

Each time you create an object or a sub-directory of the custom components folder, please go to Configuration-Objects and Save again to refresh the Components list in securiCAD.

Now we can pick out our component representing the RedHat Enterprise Linux version 7.2 from the list of custom components and use it in our model.

Please note that it is not recommended to let SoftwareProduct components be part of other components since SoftwareProduct objects shall be shared between all objects based on the same type of software/software release. If SoftwareProduct components are included in other components, you will have an extra SoftwareProduct object for each one of them.