Selecting High Value Assets

Attack simulations will try to reach every corner of our model, which means that for most objects in a model, there are simulation results. However, in the report, only the “High Value Assets” are shown.

Looking at the example model, we see that two objects have a small star to them, indicating that these are our selected high value assets.

You can choose any object in the model and any number of objects too as high value assets, making them show up in the report, by assigning a consequence value to any of their attack steps.

In our example model, the Write attack step of the Customer records object has a consequence value of 8 and the Compromise attack step on the Stage srv 2 object has a consequence value of 5 set to them.

Consequence values are a business consideration indicating how important the object is and what the consequence would be if the selected attack step would succeed.

Going back to the simulation results report, we see that our high value assets are listed in a table with their name, selected attack step, consequence value, total success rate, time to compromise value, risk classification and a link to the critical path. We will explain all of these in this module.

What’s Next