securiLang Reference Manual

This section of the site is a description of the different objects available within SecuriLang, the modeling language used to build models in securiCAD. Each object comes with a description of how to connect them, to what and why. Also, a short description of each object’s attributes – attacks and defences, is provided.

Defences are adjustable properties that may have an impact on the object’s protection level and the possibilities of an attack to traverse this particular object.

Attacks show, after calculation, the time, measured in days, it takes for an attacker to succeed with a particular attack step. Since attacks are in most cases dependent on probabilities, these results are often shown as a distribution consisting of many attempts, in securiCAD called samples.

SecuriLang and the algorithm used by securiCAD are based on academic research. Such topics are not included in this chapter.

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