Object Handling

When modeling objects exist in a model, on a canvas/view, it is possible to copy, paste and delete them in some slightly different manners. The operations below are found in the Edit drop-down menu and by right-clicking on the canvas/view itself.

Edit -> Cut/Copy/Paste

The cut, copy and paste operations cuts, copies and pastes an instance of an object so that it can be added to another canvas/view as well.

However, these operations do not add an extra object. They should therefore be seen more like cut/copy/paste on the visualization part of an object.

Edit -> Paste as Duplicate

Since the paste operation does not create a new object, there is an operation called “Paste as Duplicate”.

Using this will make a copy of the copied object and add it to a canvas/view. This is used for object duplication purposes.

Edit -> Delete/Hide

The difference between the Delete and the Hide operations is that Delete deletes the object from the model completely, while the Hide operation only makes the object non-visible, while it still exists in the model itself and thus can still be found in the list of objects in the “Model Explorer” window.

Shortcut key for hiding an object is backspace and for deleting an object, you can use the delete key.

Tool Bar Button for Adding Objects

In the tool bar in the upper area of securiCAD there is a downward pointing arrow for adding objects to a canvas. Clicking this arrow will show a menu of object categories where you can select objects to add. These objects are the same as the ones in the Object Explorer. This tool is specially useful if you close the Object Explorer tab to get more space to have a larger canvas.

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