Model Structuring

Adding New View/Canvas

Views, sometimes called canvases, are used to show a subset of the model, for instance holding objects of a certain type or category. The “circled plus” button in the tool bar will add a new view to the model.

To rename it, you can either go to the “Views” pane next to the “Object Explorer” or you right-click on the view/canvas and select the “Rename” option form the menu. This is only possible on views created manually, not on views automatically generated by securiCAD.

Alignment Buttons

Above the view/canvas area of the securiCAD tool, there are two alignment buttons, next to the zoom tool. These alignment buttons are active when two or more objects are selected.

These buttons align objects to each other horizontally or vertically, to a base line, top line or a center line.

Snap to Grid

The “Snap to Grid” button shows a grid that the modeling objects will be aligned to when moved around.


The “Guidelines” button will activate blue horizontal and vertical lines to show up, showing what other objects the currently moved object are aligned to.

Labeled Boxes

Labeled boxes are not part of the actual securiCAD model and are not considered during simulation.

However, they are a visualization help that can preferably be used when the modeling phase is nearing finished and the models shall be presented to other people. The modelers often has a clear picture of which objects belong to each other and why, but when it comes to explaining models to other people, grouping objects with boxes might be of good help.

Boxes are added by clicking the “Add Text Note” button above the modeling view/canvas.

In the following example we have drawn boxes around the objects related to a certain department.

What’s Next