Minimalist architecture

We will start with a very minimalist piece of input, two hosts on different networks, since the goal is to introduce the basic modeling objects and what they represent.

What does the above sketch tell us?

  1. There are two boxes here, labeled ClientZone and ServerZone. These represent the network structure.
  2. We imagine that our most precious data is stored in the server in the ServerZone.
  3. Some information is traveling between the zones; the Information Request is our data flow.
  4. The applications running the Information Request data flow are not outlined. They seldom are in maps like these. Either we need to ask someone about the Information Request data flow, what’s in there, what it’s used for, or we need to make assumptions and represent them using generic application objects, which is what we will do in this case. Let’s assume that there is a client application in the client zone and a server application in the server zone.
  5. According to the map, we have a host in the client zone called Workstation and another host in the server zone called Server.

This is enough to illustrate a very simple setup that we will gradually extend. Now, we will make a simple model from this very sparse information and assumptions.