Get started


Get started with securiCAD Professional by signing up here. This will provide you with a trial license and a simulation key that enables online model simulation and reporting.

Check your email

After signing up, you will receive a registration email with your simulation key. If you didn't receive any email, contact our support.


After signing up, you will be redirected to the download page. Follow the instructions to download and install your preferred version of securiCAD Professional.


When launching securiCAD for the first time, you will see a greeting window and then you will be prompted to put in your email address and the simulation key from the registration email. When this information has been put in and verified, securiCAD will start with an example model automatically loaded.

Replacing the trial license

If you have received a license from foreseeti to simulate larger models you need to replace the built-in trial license. Go to File > Licensing > Replace License and choose the new license file and restart securiCAD.

Analyzing the ACME example model

If you are trying out securiCAD for the first time, we recommend that you go through the tutorial Analyzing the ACME example model.

Modeling from scratch

If you are building your first model from scratch we recommend that you go through the tutorial Modeling from scratch

What’s Next