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Risk Exposure

The Report overview shows you a high- level view of your risk posture.

Total Risk Exposure shows the total amount of risk for all the high value assets combined.
High value Assets At Risk is the number of high value assets that are reachable by the attacker

High value assets

The high value assets table is an overview and status of your selected high value assets. You can select a specific high value asset to get more detailed results for that specific asset.


Name is the resource name of the high value asset.

Attack step

The attack step is the specific attack that the attacker is targeting e.g., ReadDatabase where the attacker is able to read data in a database.


Show how likely is it that an attacker will be able to succeed in reaching the above attack step.


Time-to-compromise (TTC) is a measure of the effort (time) required by an attacker compromise the High Value Asset. In the attack graph, this is the time it takes for the attacker to conduct all the attack steps needed to compromise the High Value Asset, when the attacker takes the least time consuming path (the Critical Path) to the asset. The TTC is the result of Monte Carlo simulations. The TTC-graph shows the probability over time (cumulative distribution function) that the attacker will succeed with the specific attack.

Critical Path

The Critical Path is the least time consuming path for the attacker to compromise the High Value Asset. The Critical Path icon opens the Critical Path view for that particular High Value Asset, and visualizes how the attacker can succeeded with the attack.

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