Introduction of Enterprise

securiCAD Enterprise offers the absolute state-of-the-art enterprise level threat modeling and attack simulations, with automated model generation, simulations, risk assessments and suggested mitigations.

Use securiCAD Enterprise for continuous risk assessment of your IT-architecture while planning, sharing and assessing models of current environments and future architectural designs. Assess security mitigations suggested by securiCAD and generate reports of the results. securiCAD Enterprise can provide near real-time attack simulations of existing environments by feeding it data via the API from e.g. vulnerability scanners and cloud configuration data.


securiCAD Enterprise is a multi-user, web-based platform for collaborative threat and risk simulations and reporting. A securiCAD Enterprise installation includes a centralized server instance holding the project and user databases and the system services are accessed by end users via a browser, APIs or SDK.

securiCAD Enterprise can be deployed on-premise or as a managed service solution. On-premise deployments can be installed completely air-gapped without any external or Internet connections.

securiCAD Enterprise as a managed service

securiCAD Enterprise can be hosted by foreseeti and offered as a managed service to securiCAD customers. foreseeti manages the infrastructure and updates of the securiCAD Enterprise as well as updates to the hosting environment. foreseeti utilizes Amazon Web Services (AWS) for hosted instances.

Cloud Deployment

securiCAD Enterprise can be deployed in a VM managed by the customer at any cloud service provider that supports the requirements stated in the Requirements section below. foreseeti will supply the customer will regular update packages for securiCAD Enterprise that is applied by the customer.


securiCAD Enterprise can be installed directly on dedicated hardware or in a VM managed or owned by the customer with a supported guest OS. foreseeti will supply the customer will regular update packages for securiCAD Enterprise that is applied by the customer.

Onboarding & Training

foreseeti provides onboarding and training for all new users of securiCAD Enterprise, remotely or on-site. Support and services can also be provided for integration with existing toolchains.

Access control

securiCAD Enterprise features a role-based access control system which is controlled by the customer.


securiCAD Enterprise can be integrated with existing tool chains and data sources for automated and continuous threat and risk simulations. With the securiCAD API & SDK you can develop your own integrations, or you can utilize the professional services of foreseeti to develop and deploy custom integrations and automated model generation packages for you.

securiCAD API & SDKs

The securiCAD Enterprise REST API lets the user connect to securiCAD Enterprise programmatically for e.g. continuous model generation or data import/export. Authorization with the Enterprise API is done through JSON Web Tokens (JWT). There are two SDKs available for automation and integration with securiCAD Enterprise:

securiCAD Enterprise SDK

The securiCAD Enterprise SDK is available on GitHub and let’s you automate the model generation, configuration and simulation process and build it into your CI/CD pipeline.

What’s Next