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Introduction of Enterprise

securiCAD Enterprise offers the absolute state-of-the-art enterprise level threat modeling and attack simulations, with automated model generation, simulations, risk assessments and suggested mitigations.

Use securiCAD Enterprise for continuous risk assessment of your IT-architecture while planning, sharing and assessing models of current environments and future architectural designs. Assess security mitigations suggested by securiCAD and generate reports of the results. securiCAD Enterprise can provide near real-time attack simulations of existing environments by feeding it data via the API from e.g. vulnerability scanners and cloud configuration data.

What is securiCAD Enterprise
securiCAD Enterprise is a multi-user, web-based platform for collaborative threat and risk simulations and reporting. A securiCAD Enterprise installation includes a centralized server instance holding the project and user databases and the system services are accessed by end users via a browser, APIs or SDK.

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Introduction of Enterprise

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