Creating tunings

  1. In Labs, go to Step 2 and click on Add tuning to create a new tuning in the project.
  1. The Scope selects which objects that are the targets for the tuning.

Any will apply the tuning to all objects in the model. Attacker will apply the tuning to the attacker only, moving it to a different entry point in the model. Class will apply the tuning to all objects in the model with a certain class e.g. all Hosts. Object will apply the tuning to a single, specific object.

  1. Depending on the selected scope, the user will be given options to specify the target of the tuning. Class: select which class of objects the Tunings should be applied to e.g. Hosts.
    Object: select a specific object on which the tuning should be applied.

  2. Tunings will specify a probability, distribution or consequence on a defense or attack step.
    Attack step/Defense: select which attack step or defense the tuning should apply to.
    Probability: define the probability of the defense being active.
    Consequence: set the consequence of the attacker reaching that attack step.
    Custom TTC distribution: set a custom distribution on an attack step
    Tags: setting a tag key and tag value will narrow the number of affected objects to the ones with the selected tag, e.g. All Hosts where the Team is "Team 1".