coreLang Language Reference

The coreLang modeling language is developed to be used when modeling any non-cloud environment. It is also the foundational modeling language for several derivative modeling languages used both in the industry and for research projects within academia.

Even though coreLang is suitable as a basis for developing a more industry-specific language, it is also designed to be used as-is for modeling on-prem environments.

It does not contain specific objects for a variety of IT assets like workstations, printers, web servers, databases and so on. Instead it contain more generic assets such as applications, networks, identities, connection rules, data and so on which makes the modeling capabilities not limited to IT but also applicable for both IT, OT and application threat modeling.

coreLang is open source and is available on github.

The main focus for this section of the documentation is to describe the different assets of coreLang, what they represent, their properties and how to use them.

This documentation war created using coreLang version 0.4.0 and securiCAD Enterprise version 1.12.2.