Configure simulation

Now the model is generated and it's time to configure the simulations.

High value assets

You are greeted with a list of assets from your AWS environment. Select up to 10 assets that have the greatest value for your organization and would cause major business impact if compromised. These will be the target for the attacker in the simulation.

Attacker profile

Next up is the option to select attacker profile. The Profile will impact the likelihood of an Attacker finding and exploiting vulnerabilities as well as phishing credentials and other types of attacks in the simulation. There are three types of attacker profiles in securiCAD Vanguard:


Attackers sponsored by nation-states are characterized by a high level of sophistication and resources. They’re capable of large-scale attacks and phishing as well as acquiring zero-day exploits.


Cybercriminals are well equipped, well funded, and they have the tools they need to get the job done. They are not as sophisticated as state-sponsored attackers but can still carry out advanced attacks.


Opportunists are usually amateurs, often referred to as script kiddies. Their attacks are not very sophisticated and typically rely on public exploits as they lack skills to write their own malicious code.

Start simulation

Click Simulate to start an attack simulation with your selected configuration. You may go back and edit your configuration once the attack simulation is done.

What’s Next