At this moment, the model we have created so far includes enough objects to run simulations on.

Therefore, we will add an Attacker object to the model and make a Simulation test run. The attacker object is representing the starting point of the attack we want to study.

Drag an Attacker object into the model just like any other object. Connect it to the ClientZone object.

Doing that, securiCAD will give us several options representing different attack steps/operations to choose from;

The options to choose from are all the possible attack steps to this particular object. Several of them are used as intermediate attack steps used to achieve other attack steps in this or other objects in the model. Choosing the compromise attack step is the same as saying “We imagine that the attacker has succeeded in owning/controlling this object (the ClientZone)”. This is the attacker’s entry point in this case.

On the canvas, we now have an Attacker object connected to the ClientZone.

What’s Next