Asset Details

Clicking on an object in the High Value Assets table will present the Asset Details window.

To the left, we have the same information as in the High Value Assets table in the main report.

To the right, we have a plot and three figures showing the TTC, Time To Compromise, values.

TTC, Time To Compromise

Generally speaking, it is more likely that an attacker would succeed with something if given more time. Therefore, time is an important aspect when securiCAD is presenting the results of the attack simulations. The plot in the Asset Details window is showing that the attack success rate (of, in this case, writing to the customer records) is increasing as time goes by.

The three figures above the plot are readings from the plot showing how many days it would take to reach the 5%, 50% and 95% success rate levels. The plot has also got a vertical indicator allowing for reading of the success rate at for instance 20 days.

We also see that the success rate is flattening out at 58%, as shown in the Asset Details window under the Probability label. This means that it will not reach the 95% level within forseeable time which is why it says N/A above the plot.