Adding a Dataflow

Now we have a client on a host in one network zone and a service on another host in another network zone. It is time to add the DataFlow object representing the Information Request line in the sketch.

A Dataflow is to be seen as representing a session between a client and a service.

Dataflows traveling between network zones are best located on the same level/canvas as network zones and routers. Select and then press backspace to hide the ServerSystem object from the main canvas. Then, we should have the following on the canvas;

Sometimes it is interesting to see what types of associations the lines represent. This is done by right-clicking on the canvas and select Association Labels.

In the above example, the labels show that the vertical associations represent Connections and the horizontal one, Administration.

But let’s go back to the Dataflow discussion. In the Components library, there is a component called SSH Traffic found under the Traffic directory. Adding such a component will add both a Dataflow and a Protocol object, describing the Dataflow protection level, to the model. Rename it to Information Request.